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Welcome to the A.B.A.T.E. of Iowa, District 15 Web site. A Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education is a not for profit organization dedicated to preserving the rights of motorcyclists. Our goals are to keep motorcyclists, members and the public informed, to promote safe riding habits and to encourage favorable legislation for motorcyclists.      



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****** Two Wheel Trauma - A continuing Education Program - Set for March 21, 2015 - See   'Events' for March. *****

Events  -   February - 2015

14th - District meeting @ the Main Event @ 6 p.m.

14th - Valentine Dance @ the Main Event @ 8 p.m. - Flyer


Events  -   March - 2015    

14th  - Ton O' Slush PAC fund party!  Don's Pub in Donahue, IA
            Pool Tourney sign-up is noon - 2 p.m.    Flyer

15th  - District meeting @ The Main Event in Bettendorf, IA -   
            1:30 p.m.

21st - Two Wheel Trauma class at Genesis Heart Institute.  flyer































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