District 10’s meeting was called to order by Coordinator Melissa Morey on September 14th at Sunnybrook on Main in Rolfe.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence was held for our brother Jeff McCubbin and for all lost brothers and sisters.  Melissa read our Mission Statement and roll call of officers was taken with Melissa Morey, Nate Evans, Theresa Benjamin,Sheila Evans, Doug Smith, Greg Marquart, Jean Culver, Rhonda Dicus, Amanda Martens, Melissa Honeyman, Tony Morey, Nick Martens, Darryl Culver and Dan Dicus present.  Sally Marquart, D.L. Peterson, Andrew Ayers, and Nikkie Summers were excused. New members and guests were welcomed.  The floor was given to special guest Bret Richards, Republican Candidate for Iowa’s 4th District to speak and questions from members followed.  

            Secretary-Jean C. (filling in for Sally) read the minutes of the August meeting. Steve made a motion to accept the minutes and Joe R. seconded. Motion carried. 

            Treasurer-Sheila reported on the General Fund, Down Biker, Toy Run.  All balances were discussed and interest was reported.  Sheila reported that this was her last report; she thanked everyone for their support. Harlan made a motion to accept and Doug seconded. Motion carried. 

            Legislative-Doug had nothing to report. 

            Membership-Darryl (filling in for Jean C. who’s filling in for Sally)reported 36 members and 3 Guests present. Jean went over expiring businesses and Darryl handed out ABATE bucks. Winners of the membership contest were announced; Doug Smith won first place and Dean Summers won 2nd. All members that recruited someone were recognized.  

Events-Amanda reported on the upcoming events:  Sept 28th is the Toy Run and Auction. The date is one week later than what is listed on the event cards.  Jeff McCubbins memorial is also on Sept 28th; Melissa will keep us updated on the details of Jeff’s Memorial.  Oct 5th is trash pickup meeting at Ampride in Humboldt and  dinner that evening at The Junkyard in Barnum.     Next month’s meeting will be held at The Coop in Pomeroy on Oct. 19th.  

Share the Road-Doug Smith told us of the upcoming Share the Road presentations scheduled for Storm Lake on Sept 26th and Ft Dodge high school on Sept 26th and ICCC on Nov 14th.  

Public Relations-Melissa reported that auction items are still needed for the Toy Run. Radio live remotes are planned for registration of the Toy Run at Shiny Top and at the beginning of the Toy Auction at Rides. 

PAC-Rhonda thanked the members for their donations and reminded them PAC works for them and to see her if anyone wants to donate. 

Assistant coordinator-Nate reminded us to attend the district events if you can.  He stated he had a blast at the golf event. He thanked everyone for coming to the meeting. Theresa reminded us that auction items are still needed for the Toy Run. 

Coordinator-Melissa brought back what was discussed at the state meeting.  Call Melissa if you’d like to go to the Freedom Park this fall just to make sure the park is open. The park will close for the winter after Halloween.

Old business-State Elections were held and Assistant Coordinator is Jeff Hoker, Melissa Evans is Secretary, and Mark Loots is Treasurer.


            New Business-A thank you card was read by Melissa thanking the district for the Memory Stone and motorcycle escort for Rhonda Dicus’ step-father from Rhonda and Dan Dicus.  Jess made a motion to take the price of 3 rooms and divide amongst those attending that do not get their rooms "comped"... Seconded by Jean H; motion carried.. The district agreed to donated to the “booze wagon” for STEAM. Melissa informed us of the state board decision to discontinue the “early bird” fee for the Rally. Instead, the Board has voted to raise the price of tickets: $40 for advance single ticket, $60 for member gate price, $100 for a non-member at the gate, and a Saturday only ticket will be available at the gate for $40. There will no longer be “couple” tickets.  District Nominations- Nominations for Coordinator: Melissa Morey (accepts) Doug Smith (declined).  Nominations were closed.  Nominations for Assistant Coordinator: Theresa Benjamin (accepts), Nate Evans (accepts), and Greg Marquart (accepts). Nominations were closed.  Nominations for Secretary: Jean Culver (accepts). Nominations were closed. Nominations for Treasurer: Sally Marquart (accepted) Sheila Evans (declined). Nominations closed. Nominations for Leg:Doug Smith (accepts), Mike Johnson (declined). Nominations closed. Nominations for Sgt of Arms: Darryl Culver (accepts), Jo Deborer (decline due to absence), Toney Morey (declined), Nick Marten (accepts), Jerry Berte (accepts). Nominations closed. Election of officers will be held during the October meeting. 

On the ballot:  Coordinator  Melissa Morey

                        Asst Coordinator:  Nate Evans, Theresa Benjamin, and Greg Marquart

                        Secretary:  Jean Culver

                        Treasurer:  Sally Marquart

                        Legislative:  Doug Smith

Sgt at Arms:  Darryl Culver, Nick Marten, Chris Moweary, Dan Dicus, Jerry Berte

Chris Thompson raised questions about the expenses of the Freedom Park and a discussion followed.  A motion was made Harlan and 2nd ed by Jean H.to open the Freedom Park May 15th and close the park after Labor Day weekend. Motion passed and this will be taken to the state board by Melissa.  

            Announcements-Melissa reminded us of the need for auction items and Raffle Tickets are still for sale.  Harlan made a motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Chris Thompson. Melissa thanked Sunnybrook On Main for hosting the meeting.