District 10’s Meeting was called to order by Coordinator Melissa Morey on October 15th at the Silver Dollar Saloon in Laurens IA.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited; we had a moment of silence to honor our lost brothers and sisters. Melissa read our mission Statement. Roll call of officers was taken, with Tammy, and Dean excused, and all other officers present.

Before the meeting started we had Dan “Spotman”, DL and Gary present as they had requested to address the district with what their goals for being Assistant State Coordinator are. Melissa read Linda Fritz’s letter of intent and Doug read Jeff Hoker’s letter of intent. We had a question and answer session after a good and lengthy discussion the meeting commenced.

Secretary - Melissa Evans Harlan made a motion to waive the read of last month’s minuets, Teresa 2nd, all in favor and the motion carried.

Treasurer - Sheila Evans General fund had a deposit/reimbursement from Riders ED. Checks wrote to McCubbin's Trophy, food from the family picnic. Interest was earned and balance was discussed.  Down Biker had a deposit from Deb Schrodt and the balance was discussed. Toy run wrote a check to Walmart for toys, and had a deposit from the auction, interest was earned and the balance was discussed. It was brought up on what to do with the money earned from the entry fee for the toy run, Barb made a motion to put it in the toy run fund, Jess 2nd all in favor and the motion carried. Sheila thanked Tammy and Amanda for all they did to get the donations and thanked everyone for attending and purchasing items. Bud made a motion to accept the treasurer repot, Jess 2nd and the motion carried.

Membership - Jean Culver reported that we had 55 members’ present and 7 guest. Expiring Businesses were discussed and ABATE bucks were handed out.

LegislativeGreg Marquart November 8th is Election Day every vote counts so get out there and vote.

Events – DL Peterson

Share The Road – We presented to 7 classes since the last meeting. HELP IS ALWAYS NEEDED.

Public Relations Amanda Charlet Thank everyone for their donations and for the purchasing of items.

Webmaster Greg Marquart will have it up to date by end of weekend.

PAC Thanked everyone for the PAC donations. Donations are always needed.

Assistant Coordinator – Doug Smith thanked everyone for putting up with him for this long.

Theresa Benjamin – We need to decide on an amount for the purchase of the John Deere Toys. Heather made a motion to purchase a certain dollar amount, Daryl 2nd all in favor and the motion carried.  
Rhonda made the motion to spend the same amount next year, Theresa 2nd and the motion carried.

Coordinator - Melissa Morey – October 23rd at 1:30pm we will meet at Diversified Storage in Fort Dodge IA, to sort through the toys we have and figure out what we still need to purchase.

Rally raffle tickets next year will be a 50/50 ticket instead of a bike raffle due to fees and taxes the winner is required to pay before receiving the bike. Hopefully this will draw in more ticket purchasers.

As many of you know Rambo is our new State Coordinator.
The ABATE Park will be closed on October 16th.

2 Wheel Trauma went fantastic thank you to all that showed up with bikes and to help out. Jim Lester from Wright County wanted to say Thank you as well as Slider Gilmore.

Iowa Lakes College in Emmetsburg IA would like us to do a Two Wheel Trauma for them as well, we would be required to pay for food and hotel.  Brian made a motion to do the Two Wheel Trauma, Rhonda 2nd and the motion carried.

We need to decide whether to do lights at Kennedy in Fort Dodge this year help will be needed to put up and take down.  Don made a motion to do lights at Kennedy, Dan 2nd and the motion carried.

District 23 would like us to attend there Turkey Tubing event in July in Eldgen IA, this falls on our meeting weekend if we do this we will have our meeting there. They have camp sites available for all that want to attend. Jess made the motion to attend the Turkey Tubing, Robert 2nd and the motion carried.  We will need to let them know by June on how many will be there.

Old Business – No old business

New Business – Brian made a motion to pay for ½ of room cost for all that attend steam this year. Mick 2nd and the motion carried.

State Assistant Coordinator Vote Results: DL Peterson

District Vote:

Coordinator: Melissa Morey
Assistant Coordinator: Theresa Benjamin & Nate Evans
Treasurer: Sheila Evans
Secretary: Sally Marquart
Legislative: Greg Marquart
Sargent At Arms: Andrew “Skippy” Ayers, Darryl Culver, Joe Deboer, Dan Dicus

Membership: Jean Culver
Public Relations: Cathy Doughty, Amanda Charlet
Events: Melissa Evans
Share the Road: Doug Smith

Announcement – Cheryl was asked by Humboldt County to see if we would be able to donate food or money to purchase food for Humboldt County Food Pantry.  Harry made a motion bring canned food to the next meeting as donation to the food pantry. Anna 2nd and the motion carried.

Chris Thompson needs help moving fire wood up at the park so please see him if you are able to come help. He also stated that he has got permission to build a fence around the wood in Jurassic to keep it from being washed away during floods.

Rhonda has asked Melissa to take to the board meeting that we would like to see the burn out pit moved closer to the stage as well as adding a water slide and allowing the run-off water to be used as a mud volleyball pit. Don Barns has agreed to donate 2 10’ tarps for this purpose.

Harlan would like to thank the district for the Donation of the Rock for the Schrodt Family.

We would like to Thank DL, Dean, Tammy and Doug for their time spent as officers.

Harlan made a motion to adjourn, Bubba 2nd, and the motion carried.

Melissa thanked everyone for coming and Silver Dollar Saloon for hosting.

Submitted by

Melissa Evans, D-10 Secretary