District 10’s meeting was called to order by Coordinator Melissa Morey on October 19th at The Co-Op in Pomeroy.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence was held for lost brothers and sisters.  Melissa read our Mission Statement and roll call of officers was taken, with Melissa Morey, Theresa Benjamin, Nate Evans, Sally Marquart, Sheila Evans, Doug Smith, Greg Marquart, Melissa Honeyman, Andrew Ayers, Jean Culver, Darryl Culver, Dan Dicus and Tony Morey present.  Amanda Martens, Nick Martens, Nikkie Summers, Rhinda Dicus and D.L. Peterson were excused.  New members and guests were welcomed.

Secretary – Sally read the minutes of the September meeting (thank you Jean for covering!).  Rhonda S. made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Dan seconded, motion passed with Darryl opposed and Joe and Mike abstaining.

Treasurer – Sheila reported on the following:

-          General Fund – withdrawals were gone over, interest was earned and the balance was discussed.

-          Down Biker – withdrawlals were gone over and the balance was discussed.

-          Toy Run –interest was earned and the balance was discussed. Sheila asked what to do with the gate money from the Toy Run, Jess made a motion to add to the toy fund, Steve seconded, motion carried.

Sheila was presented with a plaque thanking her for her years of service to the district as our treasurer.

Mel made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, Melissa H. seconded, motion passed with Joe opposed.

Legislative – Doug had nothing to report

Membership – Jean reported there were 32 members present.  Expiring businesses were discussed and Jean encouraged the membership to continue to patronize our supporting businesses.

Events – Melissa reported on the upcoming events:

-          The November meeting will be November 16th at Gordy's at Rustix and Humboldt at 5 p.m.

Anyone interested in attending STEAM this year check the other area hotels as the Best Western is full.  Discussion was held on the district's Dinner Runs and the membership was strongly encouraged to attend.  Discussion was held as to whether to hold the July meeting this year, Jess made a motion to skip the meeting this year, Jean H. seconded, motion carried with three opposed and one abstaining.  Melissa suggested for the June meeting that we hold the meeting at a supporting business in the Algona area and then have Park clean up afterwards.  Trash pickup - the plan going forward will be for the one Saturday of that month to be the designated day and if needed, the rain date is for the following Saturday. If the rain date is rained out, then trash pickup will be canceled for that month. Melissa then asked the membership whether we wanted to continue to do our bike show, it was decided to continue with it and build it.

Share the Road – Skip had nothing to report.

Public Relations – there was nothing to report.

PAC – Dan thanked the membership for their donations and reminded them PAC works for them.

Assistant Coordinator – Nate thanked the membership for showing up and supporting The Co-Op.  Theresa encouraged everyone to attend STEAM if they have the opportunity. She also stated that if we want more supporting businesses we have to go out and get them and support them.

Coordinator – Melissa reported she got an email from the Poky Ambulance Service wanting to do a two-wheel trauma class. We are tentatively looking at May 16th as the date and Melissa is asking for committee to handle the details. Melissa also asked if there was any interest in bussing tables at Pizza Ranch again, the membership decided to pass this year. Melissa questioned the district if we want to try something different to raise funds for the Toy Run. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided to table the discussion until the November meeting. Melissa read an email to the board with suggestions for how to save money and read Dave Duffy's replies to the suggestions. Melissa also stated she is planning on proposing to the board to have a digital option available for the Freeway Flyer to help save on printing costs.

Old Business – District elections were held: Coordinator - Melissa Morey, Assistant Coordinators - Nate Evans and Greg Marquart, Secretary - Jean Culver, Treasurer - Sally Marquart, Legislative - Doug, Sergeant at Arms - Darryl Culver, Dan Dicus, Nick Martens, Chris Moweary.  Melissa thanked everyone for stepping up and running.

New Business – the parade will still be the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and the paper will run an ad asking for stuffed animals. Anyone wanting to donate stuffed animals can drop them off at Voltage Inc, VS Variety or the Humboldt chamber office. It is still to be determined where the parade float setup will be this year.

Announcements - there were no announcements.

Mick made a motion to adjourn, Jean H. seconded, motion carried.  Melissa thanked The Co-Op for hosting, thanked the membership for attending and thanked Theresa for all her years as assistant coordinator.

Submitted by

Sally Marquart, D-10 Secretary