District 10’s meeting was called to order by Coordinator Melissa Morey on November 19th at the VFW in Dakota City.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence was held for lost brothers and sisters.  Melissa read our Mission Statement and roll call of officers was taken, with Andrew Ayers arriving late, all other officers present.

Secretary - Sally Marquart read the minutes of the last meeting.  Doug Smith made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Joe Ramaekers seconded, all in favor and motion carried.

Treasurer - Sheila Evans reported there were expenses from the general fund for the Two Wheel Trauma held in October and a deposit for the return of unused items.  Interest was earned and the balance was discussed.  Down Biker – three memorials were bought and there was a deposit made.  Balance was discussed.  Toy Run – there was a deposit of the entry fee from the run, balance was discussed.  Toys were bought November 7th.  Sheila brought pictures of the toys that were purchased and donated from the night they were distributed to the counties.  Sheila also asked for receipts from STEAM for reimbursement.

Legislative – Greg Marquart reported on the results of the recent elections and the impact on the state level.  Lobby Day will be held on February 7th and members were encouraged to preregister if possible.  Melissa reminded the membership that one party means the bills can get passed faster now so to be aware of what’s being discussed.  The ABATE of Iowa app has alerts built in that will text you so the membership was encouraged to download the app if they have not already done so.

Membership – Jean Culver reported we had 50 members present and 5 guests.  She challenged everyone present to sign up a new member for the coming year.  Expiring businesses were discussed and ABATE bucks were handed out.

Events – Melissa Evans

Share the Road – Doug Smith reported that they have reached nearly 13,000 for the year which is at or nearing a new record.

Public Relations – Cathy Doughty asked for ideas for raffle prizes for next year’s Toy Run, they would like to start selling raffle tickets in March.  Also asking for feedback and ideas on runs, etc.  February is the Chili Feed and Auction so they are asking membership to start getting items ready for the auction.  Rhonda reminded the membership that Target donated items for the Chili Feed as well.

Webmaster – Greg Marquart reported that it will be up to date soon.  He would like to redesign the website and is asking for ideas of what the membership would like to have/see on our website.  He also needs pictures of the new officers for the website.

PAC – Rhonda Dicus handed out pins to the top donators for the year and thanked everyone for their donations.

Assistant Coordinator – Nate Evans reported on STEAM with the seminars taken and points taken from each, as well as talked about the presentation he gave with Doug Smith while there.
Theresa Benjamin thanked everyone for their help with the toy distribution and reminded the membership to give any donations for the food pantry to Cheryl Petersen.  Anyone wanting to participate in the cribbage/euchre games to be held after today’s meeting need to see Sheila to sign up
Coordinator – Melissa Morey reported on the BOD meeting held November 13th.  They are looking to hire an outside firm to do audits every few years.  Eric Ross was reimbursed for purchase of a laptop for PAC.  Riders Ed costs were discussed and approved; Beaver will start savings account to build permanent structure for the range.  D10 is looking at doing a shoot out to help raise money for this, possibly in January or February.  Share the Road – DL named Megan Eimers as his assistant.  Penny Hoker is the new head of PR with the other candidates as assistants for their areas of the state.  Joe Ramaekers thanked his help at STEAM and reminded everyone to let him know of any new ideas for products.  Duffy reported that they would start talking to MRF to start improving ABATE’s relationship with them.  Turk reported that the park is now shut down and they are in the process of evaluating upcoming projects.  He also reported that a bucket truck was bought for under budget.  Greg now has access to the state level website.  Rambo asked that Melissa Blanchard be given a raise and that Phil McCormick be given ex officio status (both approved).  He also asked that he be given any ideas for bands for the Rally.  Heartland STEAM will be in April in Sioux City – be looking for sign up information in the coming weeks.  We will be doing the State Fair again this year – help is needed.  Bylaws were reviewed.  Jeff Hoker is the new state assistant coordinator.  Cooldown contest was discussed and it was decided to keep it as is.  Melissa asked for membership to upload and tag more family friendly photos to help with ABATE’s image when being searched online.  Two Wheel Trauma – D10 will have session July 8th with Iowa Lakes Community College.

Old Business – Slip and slide idea was not brought to the board at this time until a definite plan is in place for where it would be at the park.  Chris Thompson and Turk are going to look as well for places.  Jess can’t be Santa for our float this year so a replacement will need to be found.

New Business – No new business.

Announcements – There are now 50/50 raffle tickets available to be sold.  Please return them to who you get them from.
Skip relayed a story of a little girl whose family was one of the recipients of toys from our Toy Run that approached him and wanted to make sure to thank us for helping Santa to help them.

Harlan made a motion to adjourn, Doug seconded.  Motion carried with Eddie Doughty, Cathy Doughty, Ed Pommering, Robert Pingel Jr and Doug Smith abstaining.

Melissa thanked everyone for coming and the VFW for hosting.

Submitted by
Sally Marquart, D-10 Secretary