10 Minutes


District 10’s meeting was called to order by Coordinator Milissa Morey on November 16, 2019 at Gordy’s by Rustix in Humboldt.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence was held for lost Brothers and Sisters.  Melissa read our Mission Statement and all guests were welcomed. Roll call of officers was taken with Melissa Morey, Greg Marquart, Jean Culver, Sally Marauart, Doug Smith, Theresa Benjamin, Amanda Martens, Rhonda Dicus, D.L. Peterson, Darryl Culver, Christ Mowery, Dan Dicus, and Nick Martens present; Nate Evans, Nikki Summers, and Melissa Honeyman were excused.

Secretary-- A motion was made by Jess Tepner to waive the reading of the minutes, 2nd by Rhonda Dicus; Doug Smith opposed, Mike Johnson abstained and motioned carried.

Treasurer---Sally Marquart reported on the General Fund, Down Biker, and Toy Run Funds. Sheila made a motion to accept the report and Steve Menke 2nd’d. Motion passed.

Legislative--Doug reported what was discussed at the Legislative Meeting held in Marshalltown.  He reminded us of Lobby days coming up February 12th, 2019 and strongly encouraged all who could attend to do so. 

Events--Amanda reminded us of the November 21st toy sorting at Rides Bar and Grill Banquet Center and encouraged all of us to come and help.  Also reminded us of the Lighted Christmas Parade in Humboldt on November 30th.  We will meet at Carlson Trucking at 3pm to set up the float and be ready for the parade that starts at 6pm.  Melissa read a letter from the Humboldt Chamber of Commerce stating that the organization has dissolved as of December 31, 2019.  The parade will still take place this year.  Jess will follow up on the parade for next year. 

Amanda also reported that Pasquales is booked for the evening of the Lighted Parade, so we will not have a District Dinner Run for that night.  She also reminded us of the December 7th Dinner Run at the Limestone Cafe in Gilmore City at 5pm and the District Meeting for December to be held at Bad Manners in Emmetsburg at 5pm on the 21st.  This will be our Christmas party, so bring snacks. 

Share The Road--D.L. reported on the presentations for Share the Road in Eagle Grove and Fort Dodge.  D.L. needs STR presenters and reminded us that presenters do not need to be ABATE members.  D.L. is also looking for a Share The Road Assistant Coordinator. If interested please see him. 

Public Relations--Nikkie has a request from Pride and Cares Program requesting help with providing toys/gifts to about 25 students.  Mike Johnson made a motion to shift some toys to this worthy cause and Amanda Martens 2nd. Motion was voted on and carried. 

PAC--Rhonda thanked everyone for donating to PAC and handed out PAC pins.  Bronze pins went to: Theresa Benjamin, Joe Deborer, Rhonda Dicus, Erin Hamilton, Sally and Greg Marquart, and Harry Summers.  Silver pins went to:  Dan Dicus, Steve Menke, and D.L. Peterson.  Elite pins went to:  Beaver Adams, Sheila Evans, Bill Gurnett, and Cheryl Peterson. 

Assistant Coordinators--Greg thanked everyone for coming and encouraged everyone to help with assembling the float for the Lighted Parade.  Melissa read a message from Nate that explained how much fun he had at STEAM and encourages the membership to attend. 

Membership--Theresa reported 44 members present with 1 guest attending the meeting.  She handed out ABATE bucks and reminded us to support our supporting businesses. 

Coordinator--Melissa informed us about the “Outstanding District Event of the Year” award that was created and approved by the BOD and also reported from the BOD meeting.  Ron Braksma has been added to the Rider’s Ed Committee.  The new Rider’s Ed building should be ready by 2020. Rally tickets are now on sale on the website.  Penny Hoker, Public Relations, is looking for Rally Pictures. If you have any you’d like to share, please send them to her.  Rambo won the Steve Rector Heart Award presented to him STEAM.  Melissa explained the state membership drive that is underway. Melissa reminded us of Lobby Days coming up in February and spoke of how important it is to attend.  Melissa did take our “Open the park on May 15th and Close the park after Labor Day” suggestion to the state board. It died from lack of a 2nd by the State BOD. A 2-Wheel Trauma has been approved for our district. 

Old Business--

New Business--May 30th was discussed as a possible date for a 2-Wheel Trauma class in Pocahontas after discovering that May 16th is unavailable.  Discussion was held about moving the Dart Tournament to March and holding the Bowling Tournament April. A motion was made to switch the dart Tournament to March and the Bowling Tournament to April by Mick Evans and 2nd by Jess Tepner. Motion carried.

D.L. made a motion to replace the “fake ducks” with “real ducks” at the duck races held at the Rally.  Melissa used a word that rhymes with duck in discouraging D.L. from any further discussion.  That really didn’t work.  A motion was made by D.L. to use real ducks at the Duck races. That motion was 2nd by Darryl Culver.  Motion Passed. Melissa will take this to the State Board.  Harry also suggested a Duck Roast after the races. (Tony is out of the will).  A discussion was held about the by-laws and monthly meetings and a motion was made by Steve Menke to hold our July meeting at the Freedom Park on July 4th during the Freedom Rally at 5pm.  Mick Evans 2nd the motion. Motion carried.   Brian presented an idea to fundraise for a permanent shelter at Jurassic in the Freedom Park and some discussions were held as to how to go about building and members added their thoughts.   This discussion was tabled and will be revisited later.   


Harlan made a motion to adjourn the meeting with Steve Menke 2nding. Melissa thanked Gordy’s at Rustix for hosting the meeting.  Meeting adjourned.  


Submitted by Jean Culver, Secretary