District 10’s meeting was called to order by Coordinator Melissa Morey on July 27th at the Freedom Park.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence was held for lost brothers and sisters.  Melissa asked that the membership keep Anna and her family in their prayers for the loss of her father..  Melissa read our Mission Statement and roll call of officers was taken, with Melissa Morey, Theresa Benjamin, Nate Eans, Sally Marquart, Sheila Evans, D.L. Peterson, Doug Smith, Melissa Honeyman, Greg Marquart, Jean Culver, Rhonda Dicus, Amanda Martens, Darryl Culver, Dan Dicus, Nick Martens and Tony Morey present, and Andrew Ayers arriving late.  Nikkie Summers was excused.  New members and guests were welcomed.

Secretary – Mel made a motion to skip the reading of last month’s minutes.  Mick seconded, motion carried with two opposed.

Treasurer – Sheila reported on the following:

-          General Fund –withdrawals were gone over, interest was earned and the balance was discussed.

-          Down Biker – donations were gone over and the balance was discussed.

-          Toy Run – donations were gone over, interest was earned and the balance was discussed.

D.L. made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, Steve seconded, motion carried.

Legislative – Doug had nothing to report as they are not in session.

Events – Amanda reported on the upcoming events:

-          August 4th is the District Picnic at Dolliver starting at noon.  Please bring a side dish or dessert to share.

-          August 17th will be our Bikes for Tykes run.  Registration is from 11-1 with the August meeting and Bike Show to follow.  The run will start and end at Amigos in Fort Dodge.

Amanda reported the city of Fort Dodge is requiring us to have a permit in order to start our Toy Run on the Square in September but she has been unable to figure out how much it will be.  Melissa suggested we start at Shiny Top to see whether we can avoid needing the permit.  After discussion, D.L. made a motion to move the Toy Run ride and auction from September 21st to September 28th due to a competing event that same night.  Harlan seconded, motion passed.


Share the Road – D.L. reported there were presentations done, however he did not have the information available.


Public Relations – Melissa had nothing to report and asked that members please continue to work to get donations for the Toy Run auction.  Greg got the logo done for the t-shirts and the flyer for the Toy Run.  He said as soon as the stops are decided for the run that he will get the flyers done to be dispersed.  He also said he will be speaking to the radio station regarding live remotes and advertising for our upcoming Bikes for Tykes and Toy Run.

PAC – Rhonda thanked the membership for their donations and reminded them PAC works for them and to see her if anyone wants to donate.

Membership – Jean reported there were 36 members present and 4 guests.  Expiring businesses were discussed, ABATE bucks were handed out and Jean gave an update on our district membership drive.

Assistant Coordinator – Nate thanked the membership for coming and for going on the ride.

Theresa is still looking for help getting donations for the Toy Run auction and items can be brought up to the same day as the auction, September 28th.

Coordinator – Melissa read a thank you note from Steve Menke and family for the memorial stone.  She reported the following from the BoD: they will be discontinuing the Early Bird fee and may be looking at raising prices; Share the Road has been presented to 6,266 individuals so far this year; Riders Ed has 20 free student passes to give out - contact the State Office; Inventory is looking at a different point of sale system to help give better tracking; Park Improvement is looking at possibly widening Steel Bridge; STEAM is November 8, 9 and 10th so get your rooms reserved now, they are still going to do the beverage contest and are wanting more people present for the awards section of the banquet even if they don’t participate with the banquet; Duffy’s membership drive results were announced; price quotes were given for a new mower - discussion was held in the district and Melissa will go back to the board with our concerns and questions; District 9 proposed a bylaw change that would remove the word “constitutional” in a specific bylaw - this will be decided at the next bylaws meeting and then presented to the districts; nominations were as follows: State Secretary - Melissa Evans (accepted with conditions), State Treasurer - Heidi Lusson (declined), Mark Loots (accepted), Assistant State Coordinator - Linda Fritz (declined), Jeff Hoker (accepted), Gary Emery (accepted).

Old Business – There was no old business.

New Business – Harry made a motion to build a permanent shelter in Jurassic where the temporary awning goes up each year.  Cheryl seconded the motion.  Motion carried with 4 abstaining.  Melissa stated she will get quotes together so we can start fundraising and will take it to the Board for approval.

Harry made a motion to have either the State Coordinator, one of the Assistant State Coordinators or the head of the Park Committee board present at the park each weekend while the park is open to help ensure decisions are being made quickly concerning any issues that are arising regarding the park.  Brian seconded, motion carried with 1 opposed and 1 abstaining.

Announcements – Poker hand results were announced from today’s run.

D.L. made the motion to adjourn, Harry seconded, motion carried with Mick abstaining.  Melissa thanked the membership for attending and for joining in on the ride today.

Submitted by

Sally Marquart, D-10 Secretary