District 10’s Meeting was called to order by Coordinator Melissa Morey on July 16th at Bad Manners in Emmetsburg, IA.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited; we had a moment of silence to honor our lost brothers and sisters. Melissa read our mission Statement. Roll call of officers was taken, with Amanda Charlet, Tammy McClellan, Dean Summers and Rhonda Dicus excused, all other officers present.

Saturday July 23rd there will be a Service held for Mike “Mohawk” Right at the ABATE Freedom Park meet at Max Yield in Algona @ 3:30pm and ride to the park. All is welcome to attend. Camping at the park is encouraged after the service.

This is the same day as our Tin But Run.  Don Barnes made a motion to cancel the run; and discuss options for reschedule during out August meeting; Cheryl 2nd and the motion carried.

Secretary - Melissa Evans read the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Theresa made a motion to accept, Melissa 2nd, with Robert abstaining, and the motion carried.

Treasurer - Sheila Evans reported the following from general fund; checks wrote to Doug Smith for food for the park clean up and to DL Peterson for food for the fun rain run, there were donations made and the balance was discussed.  Down Biker fund had a donation, and the balance was discussed. Toy Run fund had interest earned and the balance was discussed. Steve made a motion to accept, Rhonda 2nd, and the motion carried.

Membership - Jean Culver reported that we had 54 members’ present. Expiring Businesses were discussed. ABATE Bucks were handed out.

LegislativeGreg Marquart had nothing to report

Events Tin but Run will be cancelled; rescheduling will be discussed at our August Meeting

·         August 6th-District Picnic at the Plover Pit at Noon Pot Luck Style.

·         August 20th Bikes for Tykes Run To Be announced most likely start in Dayton sign up 11-1

·         August 20th Community Pup in Rolfe 6pm

Share The Road –

·         June 24th Newell, IA 24 Students

·         July 8th Webster City, IA 47 Students

·         July 8th Storm Lake, IA 34 Students



Public Relations Amanda Charlet Nothing to report.

WebmasterDL Peterson will have it up to date by end of weekend.

PAC Thanked everyone for the PAC donations. Donations are always needed.

Assistant Coordinators – Doug Smith please keep Jodie Right and family in your prayer.

Theresa Benjamin – we normally camp during the tin but run, camping is still encouraged. There will be several fridges available if needed.

D10 Riders Ed, we have the 12 needed for the class, there are still some waiting to get in so if you are unable to attend please see Theresa or ASAP also as a reminder Beaver needs your Driver’s license, email address, and phone number, the cost is 70.00 please pay the district, we are writing out one check for everyone.  As a reminder you need to take the 3 hr. online course sometime before the class.  July 30th and 31st

Coordinator - Melissa Morey

State Meeting:

-Harry Summers, apologized he didn’t make it the park as much as he did last year, he had some health issues this year and hopes to be good for next year.

-Treasurer still working on numbers from the Rally should be done by September meeting.

-Not much going on in Legislative.

-Mark Maxwell is still in need of an assistant.

-Bike Raffle Winners

1st place – Kurt Hinkle from Nebraska sold by District 20

2nd place – Jay Greg Bower from Wisconsin

3rd place – Julie Stebbins from Iowa

-Share the road has presented to 7,544 Students so far this year.

-Still some discussion with Rally advertisement, there will also be an added section on the raffle ticket explaining that all fees and taxes will be due at the time of pickup. State IRS requires 25% of the purchase price.

-Rambo stated the Rally went very well this year and thanked all that helped. He also read a statement from Theresa Willy giving extra thanks to all that helped at the Gate this year.

-Jim Berte has stepped down from security coordinator, up for the position is Doug Smith and Gary Emery, DL Peterson has declined.

-There will be discussion at the rally committee meeting about banning alcohol from the stage during the cool down contest or only allowing 21 and older to participate.

-Steam will be held November 11th, and 12th followed by the BOD Meeting on the 13th. Duffy is looking for Ideas on presentations.

-We have approved to have all apps fixed and updated guarantee’s the IPhone app to work as well.

-Rob was given a lifetime membership and a certificate of thanks, this is his last year doing products. Rob also stated that help is still needed during the state fair which is August 11th – 21st shifts are from 9-3 or 3-9, if you are interested please see Melissa so she can get you in touch with Rob.

-RV Parking was able to get 114 RV’s in the park this year due to the small expansion made down the hill from parking, normally we are only able to get 72.

-Taxi service went well and they are looking forward to doing it next year.


State Coordinator

DL Peterson was nominated.

DL Peterson accepted nomination

Steven “Rambo Schillmoeller accepted nomination

Dave Duffy accepted nomination

Phil McCormick has declined his nomination

Assistant State Coordinator (C)

Turk Willey accepted nomination by proxy

Jeff Hoker had declined his nomination                

Rider Education Director

Devere “Beaver” Adams has accepted his nomination.

Mike “Mohawk” Right has accepted his nomination.

Voting for sate will be at the August meeting.


Old Business – No Old Business


New Business – No new Business


Announcement – Put the word out that there will not be a Tin But Run. Please come to Mohawk’s service.


Harlan made a motion to adjourn, Rhonda 2nd, the motion carried.


Melissa thanked everyone for coming and Bad Manners for hosting.


Submitted by

Melissa Evans, D-10 Secretary