District 10’s Meeting was called to order by Coordinator Melissa Morey on August 20th at Community Inn in Rolf IA.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited; we had a moment of silence to honor our lost brothers and sisters. Melissa read our mission Statement. Roll call of officers was taken, Dean Summers and Tammy McLelland excused, all other officers present.

New members: Danny Sassman, Jason Liska and Guest: Travis Turner, Matt and Cindy Wilson.

Secretary - Melissa Evans Harlan made a motion to waive the reading of last month’s minuets, Anthony 2nd and the motion carried

Treasurer - Sheila Evans reported the following from general fund; checks written to Harlan for repairs to the district grill, to ABATE for sales tax and to Riders Education for the district rider’s course. There was a deposit from the Riders Education for Reimbursement’s, and the balance was discussed.  Down Biker fund had no activity. Toy Run fund had interest earned and the balance was discussed. Eddie made a motion to accept, Barb 2nd, with Brian opposed and the motion carried.

Membership - Jean Culver reported that we had 58 members’ present including guest. Expiring Businesses were discussed.

LegislativeGreg Marquart Meeting was held last week Surveys from Leg were discussed, they also discussed anti profiling.

Events Thank you to everyone that attended the Bikes for Tykes run today.

·         September 10th – Meeting @ Lynches in Rockwell City @ 5pm.

·         September 17th will be the Toy Run starting at Amigos in Fort Dodge sign up from 11-1 auction to follow

Tin But run was discussed Harlan made a motion to wait until September meeting to discuss this further with a possible date of October 1st, Brian 2nd, with Joe abstaining and the motion carried.

Share The Road – 7/22  DL     ICCC  Fort Dodge  16 students

                                 7/29  DL     High School  Eagle Grove  17 students

                                 8/4 Doug   High School  Ruthven  26 students  HELP IS STILL NEEDED.


Public Relations Amanda Charlet Auction items are still needed for the Toy Auction, please let us know by the September meeting of what you have for the auction.

WebmasterDL Peterson will have it up to date by end of weekend.

PAC Rhonda Dicus Thanked everyone for the PAC donations. Donations are always needed.

Assistant Coordinator – Doug Smith Thanked all that attended the ride today, reminder nominations start tonight as well as the state officer vote.

Theresa Benjamin – had nothing to report

Coordinator - Melissa Morey – Read a Thank you card from Jodi Right.

2-Wheel trauma will be October 8th in Eagle Grove IA, we need to be there by 6:30am to 7:00am to set up, we start at 8:00am please see Melissa to sign up if you can help out.  Also bikes, ATV’s, and a snowmobile as well as 2 helmets are needed for this event we will pass a sheet around please sign up for the bike you have and are willing to let us use for this event. Target gave us 9 big boxes of toys, a special thanks to Rhonda Dicus for getting these for us.


State Ballots were passed and the elected officers are as follows

·         State Coordinator: Dave Duffy

·         Assistant Coordinator C: Turk Willey

·         Riders ED: Devere “Beaver” Adams


Nominations for District officers:


·         Melissa Morey – Accepted

·         Doug Smith – Declined

·         Nate Evans – Declined

·         DL Peterson – Declined

Nominations called 3x’s, nominations closed

Assistant Coordinator:

·         Nate Evans – Accepted

·         Chris Thompson – Accepted

·         Doug Smith – Maybe

·         Theresa Benjamin – Accepted

·         Mark Loots – Declined

Nominations called 3x’s, nominations closed


·         Sheila Evans – Accepted

Nominations called 3x’s, nominations closed


·         Melissa Evans – Maybe

·         Sally Marquart – Accepted

Nominations called 3x’s, nominations closed


·         Greg Marquart – Accepted

Nominations called 3x’s, nominations closed

Sargent at Arms:

·         Harry Summers – Declined

·         Rhonda Summers – Accepted

·         Daryl Culver – Maybe

·         Dan Dicus – Accepted

·         Andrew “Skippy” Ayers – Accepted

·         Nate Evans – Maybe

·         Mike Johnson – Declined

·         Joe Deboer-Accepted

Nominations called 3x’s, nominations closed


Old Business – Patches for Mike “Mohawk” Right are available


New Business – No new Business


Announcement – Eric Ross is holding an auction for Jodi Right will be held at the end of the remembrance run on September 4th   at Freedom Park in Algona. Auction items are needed.


Round of applause and big Thank you to Phil for all that he has done he will be missed as our State Coordinator.


Happy Birthday to Sally.


If you need items from Products please see Sheila.


Harlan made a motion to adjourn, Rhonda 2nd, the motion carried.


Melissa thanked everyone for coming and Community Pub for hosting.


Submitted by

Melissa Evans, D-10 Secretary