August D-10 Meeting Minutes



District 10’s meeting was called to order by Coordinator Melissa Morey on August 15th, 2020 at Bad Manners in Emmetsburg. The pledge of allegiance was recited and a moment of silence was held for our lost brothers and sisters. Melissa read our Mission Statement and all guests were welcomed. The Roll Call of officers was taken with Melissa Morey, Nate Evans, Greg Marquart, Jean Culver, Sally Marquart, Doug Smith, Theresa Benjamin, Amanda Martens, Rhonda Dicus, DL Peterson, Darryl Culver, Dan Dicus, and Nick Martens in attendance. Excused officers were Nikki Summers and Chris Mowery. Melissa asked that we keep Rhonda and Harry in our thoughts and prayers.


Jean read the “minutes” from the July meeting. Dan Dicus made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Mel Evans seconded. Several opposed with Mike Johnson abstaining. Motion passed.


Sally gave the Treasury report. Jake Witte made a motion to accept the report. Bubba seconded. Brian Morey abstained. Motion passed.


Doug had nothing to report for Legislative. Melissa told us to contact our legislators with any questions we may have even though they may not be in session right now, as she did. She received an answer to her question from her legislator.


 Theresa reported that we had 37 members and 3 guests in attendance.


 Amanda reminded us of the golf outing coming August 23rd and September's meeting will be on the 12th at the Silver Dollar Saloon in Laurens and our annual Toy Run will be September 19 with Registration at 11:00am at Shiny Top in Fort Dodge.


DL had nothing to report for Share the Road.


 Rhonda thanked everyone for filling in for her during her absence from the last few meetings and she also thanked everyone for donating to PAC.


Assistant Coordinator Nate Evans thanked everyone for coming.


Assistant Coordinator Greg Marquart has 2 samples of D-10 shirt designs that he designed and passed them around for the members to view. He will get prices for the shirts next month.


Melissa went over the BOD meeting and introduced and explained the proposed changes to our by-laws. A district vote was held on these changes and will be taken back to the Board of Directors. Melissa proposed a change to our annual Toy Run by foregoing the auction held at the end of the run. She pointed out that our supporting businesses have encountered a lot of financial burdens after the Covid-19 shut down and it wouldn’t be fair to ask for donations from those struggling businesses. Instead focus on holding a larger raffle with awesome prizes. After discussion was held on this idea, it was determined by the membership to focus on a raffle and not hold an auction after the Toy Run. The district will buy prizes for the raffle and close the raffle in October. A Motion was made by Theresa to buy raffle prizes and hold a raffle with the prizes furnished by District 10. Jake seconded that motion. Motion passed. Brian abstained.


Old Business: Sally will bring last year's Toy Run Shirts to this year’s Toy Run. Discussion was held on a District 10 Shelter. This discussion was tabled.


New Business: Harlan presented a unique idea for a game for next summer instead of holding numerous group rides. A discussion was held about this involving our supporting businesses, dice and paper. This game would replace the Fun Rain Run and The Tin Butt Run. DL made a motion to play the game 2 times a year. Bubba seconded. A vote was held and motion passed. Mike Johnson was opposed.


 Nominations were held for our district. Coordinator-- Melissa Morey and Nate Evans

Assistant Coordinator-- Doug Smith, Greg Marquart, Nick Martens, and Nate Evans

Treasurer-- Sally Marquart

 Secretary-- Jean Culver, Kaylee Adams, Kelley Rude

 Sgt at Arms-- Chris Mowery, Dan Dicus, Darryl Culver, Joe DeBoer, Jeremy Hauck, Nick Martens Legislative-- Doug Smith, Mike Johnson, and Jess Tepner


 Ballots were passed out to vote for our state officer positions. Mike Kallunsrud graciously offered as a prize for our raffle a weekend stay at one of his properties in Okoboji. Cheryl made a motion that the Tin Butt Run money be donated to PAC. Motion carried. Harlan made a motion to close the meeting second by Jake. Motion passed with several abstaining.


 Thank you to Bad Manners of Emmetsburg for hosting our district meeting!!!


Respectfully Submitted, Jean Culver, Secretary