District 10’s meeting was called to order by Coordinator Doug Smith on May 16th at Amigo’s in Fort Dodge. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and we had a moment of silence to honor our lost brothers and sisters. Doug read our mission Statement. Roll call of officers was taken with Harry Summers being excused and all other officers were present. We welcomed new members Jodi Troxel, Dwayne Carpenter, Melissa Carpenter, and guests Darci Smith and Deanna Evans.

Secretary’s Report- Cathy Doughty read the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Barb made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Teresa Willey 2nd, and the motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report-Sheila Evans reported the following checks had been written from the general fund: Abate of Iowa for inventory, Sales tax and events payments. Deposits were made from the bowling tourney, the dart tourney, inventory sold and interest earned.  The Down Biker Fund had deposits from Cheryl Peterson and Dan Dicus.   The Toy Run Account had a charge for the ATM fee.  A deposit was made for interest earned.  Sheila stated that she still had calendars for sale. Mark Loots made a motion to accept the Treasurers report, Lurch 2nd the motion, motion carried.

Membership Report- Jean Culver went over expiring businesses and reported that we had 73 members present, 8 guests and 3 new members. Jean handed out Abate Bucks to people who signed up a new supporting business or a new member. District 10 currently has 700 members.

Legislative Report -D.L.Peterson talked about the recent “Call to Action” concerning House Bill 631. This bill will make it mandatory to have insurance on a vehicle before it can be registered. Mark Maxwell has asked us to send letters to him if this Bill will affect us, for seasonal vehicles and show vehicles, etc. Abate is opposed to the amendment 1331. The House has passed this but the Senate has not and it has gone to the committee. If this affects you and you will write a letter see D.L. after the meeting for Mark’s address.

Events- Melissa Morey- Melissa reminded everyone of the upcoming events; Sunday June 7th will be the rescheduled ditch cleanup date. We will meet at the Ampride in Humboldt at 1pm.  June 13th is the Fun Rain Run, sign up at Joe Sheldon Park in Humboldt 11am to 1pm. The Fun Rain Run ends at Freedom Park.  June 20th at 12 noon is our monthly meeting at Freedom Park with park cleanup to follow. Bring rakes etc.  Melissa pointed out that the June events in the Freedom Flyer are incorrect and she will be checking to make sure the next months are correct. Please use your event cards that you got in the mail to check event dates. Melissa read the results from the bike show.

Best Trike- Brent Shipman

Best Custom Paint- Sheila Evans

Best Street Glide –Tim Otto

Best Touring-Eddie Doughty

Best Sportster-James Gardner

Best Custom-Troy Schnell

Best Foreign- Bill Gurnett

Best Stock-Mike Evans

Thank You to Mark Campbell and Amigos for purchasing the plaques for our bike show.

STRDean Summers reported that 62 people received the presentation at the Clarion High School on April 18th and 81 people at Fort Dodge High School on May 8th.

 Future Presentations are planned for:    

May 21st at the Ruthven High School at 7:00 P.M.

May 22nd at the Lake Park High School at 8:00 A.M.

May 22nd at the Eagle Grove Administration Building at 6:00 P.M.

May 28th at the Dayton Grade School at 9:30 A.M.

Public Relations-Tammy McCellan reported that she and Amanda are working on a letter to give out when a business makes a donation for the Toy Run. Amanda will email the letter to Doug for approval. 

Webmaster- D.L.Peterson reported that the website is up to date.

PAC-Rhonda Dicus thanked the membership for their PAC donations. She reminded us that PAC works for us!

Assistants-Ron Hoover-asked everyone to ride safe and watch out for traffic and potholes etc. One bad accident has occurred in Fort Dodge already this year. 

Theresa Benjamin- reported that she had nothing this month.

Coordinator Doug Smith-

 Doug was unable to attend the State Meeting and D.L. reported the information from the State Meeting.  D.L. said that Abate of Iowa will cover any subject that is brought to them with a motion and a 2nd.  All Legislative matters have been turned over to the Legislative Committee. Bud asked if the Feds are trying to reclassify the Spiders and Slingshot, etc as an automobile. D.L. stated that Abate will not back that. Turk mentioned that a search for a bucket truck has been ongoing. Recently some liability questions have arisen prompting the BOD to look at leasing or renting a boom truck along with someone to operate it when cutting down branches etc. this will eliminate Abate’s liability. Hoker Trucking volunteered to buy an “A” frame enclosure for backstage at the park. He also asked permission to put one up in District 15’s area at the Park. The Board gave District 15 approval. Turk said the one backstage would be a carport style. MARS will be August 22nd in Iowa Falls. This event includes making 5 stops at Supporting Businesses in route to Iowa Falls.  Toni Kirkoff is retiring and it was brought up at the State Meeting that a scholarship will be available for anyone who wants to be a Riders Ed Instructor. 

Old Business-more discussion took place concerning the purchase of patches when a member passes away.  After the discussion Harlan made a motion that we would purchase patches out of the Down Biker Fund with a $350 cap. This would be for current members only at the family’s request and the money from the sale of these patches will be returned back to the Down Biker Fund. Dean Summers 2nd and the motion carried  

New Business-Turk talked about the new Facebook page for Freedom Park. Work days and events will be posted on it. Next weekend gate posts will be going in and more volunteers will be needed. Also 6 cell phone charging stations will be installed before rally.  Brian Morey brought up that he saw a poster advertising the Drag Races for the 4th of July; he noted that the poster made no mention of the Freedom Rally and wondered why. Our Freedom Rally posters mention the Drag Races and he thought it would be nice if the Rally would have been mentioned on the Drag Races flyers.  

Announcements- Doug said he has raffle tickets, posters for rally, and advance rally tickets available; see Doug after the meeting for these.  Also if you have any raffle tickets checked out they need to be turned in at the next meeting. Jean Culver reminded us about the VFW in Dakota City’s Honor Flight Run on July 25th. Registration is at 10:00 kickstands up at 11:00, an auction and band will follow the ride.

Harlan made a motion to adjourn the meeting, 2nd by Al Niles. Brian Morey and Joe Ramaekers Abstained motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.

Doug thanked Mark Campbell and the Staff at Amigo’s for hosting our meeting and the membership for attending.

Respectfully submitted by

Cathy Doughty, D-10 Sex-e-tary