D-10 Meeting Minutes May 2020


District 10’s meeting was called to order by Coordinator Melissa Morey on May 16th, 2020 at The Wagon Wheel Restaurant in West Bend.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence was held for our lost brothers and sister.  Melissa read our Mission Statement and all guests were welcomed.  The Roll call of officers was taken with Melissa Morey, Nate Evans, Greg Marquart, Jean Culver, Sally Marquart, Doug Smith, Theresa Benjamin, D.L. Peterson, Darryl Culver, and Chris Moweary were present; excused officers were Dan Dicus, Rhonda Dicus, Nikki Summers, Nick Martens, and Amanda Martens. Unexcused officer was Melissa Honeyman. 


The floor was given to Dan “SpotmanSpotten to speak to us and answer any questions we may have for him as a candidate for State Coordinator.  Spotman emphasized in his opinion for the need to cut operating costs and increase attendance to the annual Freedom Rally.  Questions were asked and answered.  Thanks for stopping by, Spotman. 


Secretary Jean Culver read the “minutes” from April’s meeting. Phil McCormick made a motion to accept with Doug Smith seconded with Brian Morey opposing. Jake Witte abstained.


Treasurer Sally Marquart went over the general fund, downed biker and toy run accounts.  She also reminded us that she has calendars for sale. Melissa reported that our district underwent an audit by ABATE of Iowa and passed “with flying colors”.  Melissa Evans made a motion to accept with Chris Rapple offering a 2nd.  Motion passed with Jake Witte Abstaining. 


Legislative Officer Doug Smith had nothing to report.


Membership Officer Theresa Benjamin reported that 32 members and 2 guests were in attendance. She passed out ABATE bucks and went over expiring supporting businesses. 


In the absence of Amanda Martens, Melissa reminded us that the Fun Rain Run is tentatively scheduled for June 13th.  June 20th is our district meeting and park clean-up.  We’re hoping to be able to meet at Pizza Ranch in Algona at noon for our meeting. But due to Covid-19 restrictions, If this is not possible, we will hold our meeting at Freedom Park with clean-up to follow.  Melissa will let us know via social media and texts if we are able to meet at Pizza Ranch. 


PR nothing to report.


PAC Cheryl Peterson filled in for Rhonda 


Assistant Coordinator Nate Evans had nothing to report except that he’d miss all of us for the last couple of months. 


Assistant Coordinator Greg Marquart had nothing to report.  He thanked the membership for coming.


 Coordinator Melissa gave us highlights from the state board meeting; some were in attendance and some used the Zoom app to sit in on the meeting.  She reported that our State Coordinator, Dave Duffy, has decided to take a pay cut in order to increase the salary of our State Office Manager, Melissa.  Cameras are now installed in the park for use throughout the year, except during Rally.  The cameras will not be operational during Rally. Rider’s Ed reported that they had 10 Honda Nighthawks that were for sale.  Contact Rider’s Ed if you’re interested.  Melissa reported that at the end of this year, D.L. Peterson will be stepping down as the Share The Road Coordinator.  The District thanks D.L. for all of his hard work and dedication to this program!! Penny Hoker will also be stepping down from her state P.R. position effective after the Rally.  District 10 is very appreciative for all of her hard work and for everything she has done for ABATE of Iowa!  No major park improvements are scheduled for the time right now. The board agreed to rent the skid loader.  Rally is still on for this year (unless the Governor orders differently).  Plans are in place to take extra precautions during the Rally.  A request for a monetary donation was made by Heartland Steam and that discussion was tabled until after the Rally.  Steve Eggelston proposed to open the Freedom Park the week of Sturgis to offer camping for those traveling to Sturgis. He was given the OK to form a committee for this and bring his proposal to the next board meeting.  Melissa reported that ABATE of Iowa received a PPE Small Business Loan to cover part of ABATE of Iowa’s payroll during the Covid-19 state shutdown.  The 1st round of nominees for state Rider’s Ed is Beaver and for Assistant Coordinator is Victor Rodriguez, and Gary Emory.  For State Coordinator the 1st round of nominees are Dave Duffy and Dan Spotten.  2 Wheel Trauma that was scheduled for May 30, 2020 has been postponed until June 5, 2021. A park clean-up crew is needed for this year for the Rally. 


Old Business:  Slider had questions about the use of electricity at the park and a discussion was held.  Melissa reminded us that we can always make a donation to camp at the park. 


New Business:  nothing to report


Announcements:  A thank you was read by Melissa from Theresa Benjamin.  Advance Rally Tickets and Rider Ed Raffle tickets are still available.


D.L. made a motion to adjourn.  Motion was seconded by Mick Evans.  Motion carried with Phil McCormick abstaining.  Melissa thanked the Wagon Wheel for hosting us.  The food was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!