District 10’s meeting was called to order by Coordinator Melissa Morey on March 19th at Lounge and Lanes in Laurens IA.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence was held to honor lost brothers and sisters.  Melissa read our mission statement.  Roll call of officers was taken, all present except for Andrew “Audrey/Skip” Ayres (arrived late), Amanda Charlet, Rhonda Dicus, Melissa Evans, Nate Evans, Tammy McClellan and Dean Summers, all excused.

Secretary – Sally Marquart read the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Mark Loots made the motion to accept the minutes as read with Jes Tepner seconding.  Motion carried with Brian “First Bitch” Morey and Don Barnes abstaining.

Treasurer – Sheila Evans reported that checks had been written from the general fund to McCubbin Trophies for plaques and there were deposits from the Chili Feed and auction in February.  Down Biker had a donation from Audrey/Skip and purchases were made for three funeral arrangements.  The Toy Run fund had interest earned.  Darryl Culver made the motion to accept the report with Joe Ramaekers seconding.  Motion carried with First Bitch abstaining.  Melissa did announce that D10 would be audited again this year.

Legislative – Greg Marquart reported that the State Leg meeting was last Saturday in Eldora. The committee added two new members: Krystle Fox from District 23 and Scott Sengbusch from District 4. Phil asked for a limit for Leg Committee members and it was set at 13. Four ladies went on the DC trip, their reports will be in the flyer. The meeting with Mark Lowe was discussed and he gave us what we asked for regarding auto cycles, and Senator Bowman entered the amendment on SF2248. HF2383 is the House version of this bill and they are not companion bills, so the same action will need to be taken in the House. The Motorcycle Awareness Month Proclamation was discussed and PR for it is to be presented to local papers. The Insurance Bill did not make it through the funnel, but it is expected be come up again. We have decided to sign our support for five 2nd Amendment bills: HF2314, HF2279, HF2280, HF2281 and HF2283. Greg has copies of these bills if anyone would like more information on them. ABATE is working with the DOT to get a Motorcycle Safety Forum to happen yet this year, probably in May.

Membership – Jean Culver reported that we had 31 members present.

Events – D.L. Peterson reminded everyone the Bowling Tournament would be held immediately following tonight’s meeting.  Anyone interested in participating needs to see Sheila to sign up.  Upcoming events – April 2nd there will be a Dinner Run at Billie Jo’s in Algona at 5:00 (this will be the last one until October) and April 16th is our next meeting at Handlebars in LuVerne at 5:00 with the Dart Tournament to follow the meeting.

Share the Road – D.L. Peterson reported the following:

                March 8th Alta High School – 48 students

                March 17th Humboldt High School – 21 students


                March 26th Pocahontas High School 7:00 am (1 class)

                March 31st Fort Dodge ICCC 4:30 pm (1 class)

                April 2nd Barnum School 8:00 am (1 class)

                April 8th Churdan High School 11:30 am (1 class)

                April 14th Storm Lake Middle School 6:00 pm (1 class)

                April 23rd Emmetsburg High School 9:00 am (1 class)

                April 29th Fort Dodge High School 8:00 am (5 classes)

Help is still needed.


Webmaster – D.L. Peterson reported that the website will be up to date sometime this weekend.

PAC – Cheryl Peterson thanked everyone for PAC donations.

Assistant Coordinator – Doug Smith gave information on the Messenger article that was in Monday’s edition.  Several members of the district participated in interviews and photos for the article and there are plans to do it again next year.  Doug also shared information for a benefit being held for Pee Wee Vote on April 10th.  It’s an all-day event with an auction being held at 3:00.  They are still needing auction items.

Theresa Benjamin shared that Mohawk Mike is willing to do a Return Rider Course for members for half price.  See her after the meeting if you are interested so she can get a count and contact Mike to get a date in place.

Coordinator – Melissa Morey shared details from the State Meeting.  Among the highlights: Trustees were reaffirmed and they are still looking for an assistant for Mark Maxwell; Rider’s Ed voted to set the price for trike classes at $180; they looked into leasing vs. buying bikes for classes and it will be better to just buy; there will be radio advertising in the St. Cloud MN area for the Rally in exchange for tickets; bylaws are currently being worked on; there are still issues with the Apple version of the app; D24 raised concerns that the texting service was causing junk texts for members and was reassured this was not the case; there were 12,208 students in Share the Road last year and 942 so far in this year; the tractor is still in the process of being repaired; discussion was held on the set up of the Freeway Flyer – they are looking for feedback on ways to improve, change, etc.  There was a discussion on camper parking at the park in June and July, after which Don Barnes made the motion to take it on a case by case basis.  Jess Tepner seconded.  Troy Bindel, Terry Broesder, D.L. Peterson and Joe Ramaekers opposed, First Bitch abstained.  Motion carried. 

Continuing with the State Meeting details - in regards to the log splitter, some of the other districts have agreed to go back to get donations.  Mohawk will be going to Buscher Brothers to see if we can get a deal and they will see where things are at during the May meeting.  D.L. made a motion to have ABATE pick up the remainder of the bill for the log splitter if enough money isn’t raised by the time of the May meeting.  Jean Culver seconded, motion was unanimous.

Melissa read a thank you from the family of Paul Hundertmark.

Melissa reported D10 is the recipient of a grant from Wal-Mart to be used for purchasing toys and thanked Mark Loots for his work on generating it.  She also stated that D10 needs a storage unit to store all the toys and that it needs to be centrally located.  D.L. made a motion to rent a storage unit, Jes seconded, motion was unanimous.  Doug said will follow up with those he has tried to contact in regards to rental units.

Melissa reported that Two Wheel Trauma in Eagle Grove is tentatively set for September 10th, pending whether the date will work for the organizers in Eagle Grove.  It would take place from 8 – 5 and they are asking for help.

Old Business – Darryl Culver reported that FD Prison is not able to do Bikes for Tykes.

New Business – there was no new business.

Announcements – Melissa announced that she has bike raffle tickets and advance Rally tickets.  Posters promoting the Rally are available for anyone who would like to take some to help spread the word.

Jess thanked people for calls and concerns after his surgery.

D10’s gate and road duty shifts were announced – gate is 6/30 from 12 – 4 and road is 7/1 from 8-midnight.  Teresa Willey is the new Gate Coordinator.

Troy Bindel made the motion to adjourn, Rhonda Summers seconded.  First Bitch, Don Barnes and Joe Ramaekers abstained, motion carried.


Submitted by Sally Marquart