District 10’s meeting was called to order by Asst District Coordinator Ron Hoover at Freedom Park in Algona on June 21. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and we had a moment of silence to honor our lost brothers and sisters. Theresa read our mission statement and roll call of officers was taken with all officers being present except Doug, Mark, Jean, Barb and Randy being excused. Jess was going to be late. We welcomed new members and guests Phil McCormick and Dog.


Secretary’s Report: Melissa made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes, Theresa Willey seconded; motion carried with Harry, Turk and DL being opposed and Brian abstaining.


Treasurer’s Report: The following checks were written from the general fund; McCubbin Trophy for our bowling plaques; ABATE of Iowa for taxes. There was a deposit from Mark Campbell for reimbursement of the dart and bike show plaques and interest earned. The following checks were written from the Downed Biker Fund; Lilly’s Floral for Dave Roots father and Floral Creation for Conrad Johnson. There was deposit from Andrew”Skippy” Ayers for a donation from his winnings at the 50/50 ticket. We had the Toy Run debit usage fee taken out of the account and a deposit from the sale of Barb’s ornaments and interest earned. Terry Arnold made a motion to accept; Skippy second; motion carried


Membership: Theresa did membership for Jean we had 28 members present and 2 guests. She also went over the expiring business


Legislative and MRF: Jess indicated nothing going on right now


Events: Melissa said we have following upcoming events:

July 3, 4, and 5-Freedom Rally

July 19-4:00 Meeting at Bad Manners in Emmetsburg

July 26-Tin Butt Run registration 9 to 11 at Freedom Park in Algona with camping both Friday and Saturday for anyone interested in camping


STR: Dean reported that 491 students had seen the STR presentation since our last meeting and we have the following upcoming presentations

June 27 at Webster City

July 11 at Milford

July 15 at Webster City again

He also thanked everyone who helps do the presentations and we can always use more presenters


PR: Ron said he talked to Barb and nothing going on


PAC-Rhonda thanked everyone for donating


Webmaster-DL said the website is out of date today but will be up to date tomorrow


Assistants Report: Theresa went over our districts gate and road control duty for the rally. She reminded everyone to be there at least 15 minutes before the start of the shift


Old Business: Ron handed out ballots for the family members to be included in the memorial. It was voted that it will be significant other, son, daughter, mother and father of the districts member. It was agreed to destroy the ballots at the park with Cheryl abstaining from voting


New Business: Nothing honey


Announcements: Ron let everyone know that he had raffle tickets and advance rally tickets for sale for anyone wanting one. Today would be the last day to purchase the advance tickets. He also let everyone know that he had spoken with Barb and Mark is on the road to recovery and unfortunately they would not be able to make the rally this year. Skippy will be taking his shift at the security bldg to help out. Jess told everyone that not only do we have the Freedom Rally application for the android phone but there is now also an ABATE of Iowa app. Just go to the google play store and download it. Everyone agreed the rally app was going to be a big help. DL said Jean had let him know that the band originally hired for the Labor Day Party had been changed since one of their members had been sent to jail and the new band will be Bassment BPM. Jess said Verizon will be providing the cell tower this year and for the next five years at the rally.


Terry Arnold made a motion to adjourn; Bubba seconded; motion carried with Brian being opposed


Ron thanked the membership for attending and for helping with park clean up to follow the meeting.


Respectfully submitted

Jean Hoover

D10’s Sexytary