D-10 June 2020 Mtg


District 10’s meeting was called to order by Coordinator Melissa Morey on June 20, 2020 at the Freedom Park near Algona. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence was held for our lost brothers and sisters. Melissa read our Mission Statement and all guests were welcomed. The Roll call of officers was taken with Melissa Morey, Jean Culver, Doug Smith, Theresa Benjamin, Amanda Martens, D.L. Peterson, Darryl Culver, Chris Mowery, Dan Dicus, and Nick Martens in attendance. Excused officers were Nate Evans, Greg Marquart, Sally Marquart, Nikki Summers, and Rhonda Dicus. Unexcused officer is Melissa Honeyman and the district believes she will not be considered a PR officer anymore due to 3 unexcused meetings. A motion was made by Darryl Culver to forgo the reading of the May Minutes. The motion was seconded by Sheila Evans. Tony Morey, Doug Smith, Rambo, and Brian Morey opposed. Motion passed. Doug Smith made a motion to skip the reading of the Treasurer’s Report due to technical difficulties. Jess Tepner seconded it. Brian Morey opposed the motion. Motion passed. Doug Smith reported not much going on for Legislative. Theresa Benjamin reported 29 members and 5 guests were present. Amanda reported on events for our district which includes our district meeting in Jurassic at the Rally, July 18th is Turkey Tubing and camping at Gilbertson's Park in Elgin and our Tin Butt Run is July 25th ending at the Freedom Park. Get ahold of Jeremiah Stevens, District 23’s Coordinator, if you need a camping spot the July 18th Turkey Tubing weekend. PR; Melissa will talk with Nikki about our Toy Run. PAC; Thank you Harry for filling in for Rhonda. He thanked the organization for donating. Melissa discussed district duties that include Friday July 3rd from 8am to noon and Saturday July 4th from noon to 4pm. Please meet at the Security Building 20 min prior to duty times. Duties will be assigned at that time. The district extends a big THANK YOU to our state coordinator, Duffy and the assistant state coordinators Jeff and Victor for all of their hard work in preparing for this year’s “covid rally”. Melissa gave us updated information in regards to new policies for entering the Rally. The district was also informed that there is no clean-up crew for the Rally or for after the Rally. Brian Morey encouraged everyone to pitch in to help pick up trash. Melissa reported that she needs gate chief’s from 1pm to 7pm and 7pm to 1am at the back gate. Old Business: Melissa brought up the District 10 shelter and told us that we may be allowed to use district funds to help build a shelter in Jurassic. We will discuss this again in the future. Help is also needed at the start of the Rally to put up the awning for our district. New Business: Harry offered his personal awning if it is needed in Jurassic for the Rally. Announcements: Keep Rhonda Dicus in your prayers. Melissa still has advanced tickets for sale. Mark Loots could use afternoon help in the Treasury during the Rally. Theresa Benjamin made a motion to close the meeting. Jess Tepner seconded it. Brian Morey and Dan Dicus opposed the motion with Slider Hadley abstaining. Motion carried. ENJOY THE RALLY!!!!!!!!!!!


Respectfully Submitted,

Jean Culver Secretary