District 10’s meeting was called to order by Coordinator Melissa Morey on January 21st at the Red Lantern Inn in Bode.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence was held for lost brothers and sisters.  Melissa read our Mission Statement and roll call of officers was taken, with Andrew Ayers, Cathy Doughty and Doug Smith excused, all other officers were present.

Secretary - Sally Marquart asked whether she should read the November or December minutes (as the December meeting was cancelled due to weather).  Jess Tepner made the motion to read the December minutes, Mike Johnson seconded, motion passed with Don Barnes abstaining.

Treasurer - Sheila Evans reported there were expenses from the general fund for inventory, badges, refunds for one night stay at STEAM and materials to make metal flag for the auction at STEAM.  Interest was earned for November and December and the balance was discussed.  Down Biker – no activity.  Toy Run – toys were purchased, interest was earned for November and December, balance was discussed.  Bikes for Tykes – four bikes were bought and additional money was donated to the program to purchase more bikes.  There was a cashiers’ check made out to PAC from the proceeds of the D10 Cribbage/Euchre tournament that was held in Humboldt following the November meeting.  Sheila also reminded the district that she has calendars available.  Chris Thompson made the motion to accept the report, Jess Tepner seconded, motion carried.

Legislative – Greg Marquart reported on the various bills that were discussed during the recent Legislative Committee meeting held this past Saturday.  He also reminded the district that Lobby Day is February 8th and encouraged everyone to attend and participate.

Membership – Jean Culver reported we had 50 members present and 4 guests.  Expiring businesses were discussed, new supporting businesses were announced and ABATE bucks were handed out.

Events – Melissa Evans

Share the Road – D.L. Peterson reported that three presentations were done for 113 people.  Awards of appreciation were handed out.  D.L. also reported that a record 14,466 people saw the Share the Road presentation in 2016 .

Public Relations – Amanda Charlet asked for auction items for the upcoming auction in February and reminded the membership that they need to be told where donated items are from.  She also reported that there are plans to start doing a raffle and that it will be discussed more in March.

Webmaster – Greg Marquart reported that it will be up to date soon. 

PAC – Rhonda Dicus handed out pins to the top donors for the year and thanked everyone for their donations.

Assistant Coordinator – Nate Evans had nothing to report.
Theresa Benjamin read several thank you notes from Two Wheel Trauma, Turk and Teresa Willey, Bikes for Tykes and Upper Des Moines Outreach (Toy Run recipients).

Coordinator – Melissa Morey reported on the BOD meeting held January 8th.  They went over having books audited by 3rd party – firm has been found and will be starting.  Riders’ Ed gave updates on program, including raising class price and raffle was discussed.  Penny Hoker went over Events.  She is requesting the districts to send pics of their events and reported that they are working on the Rally poster and are promoting the bands for the Rally.  This year they will be using social media and radio to do the promoting, there will be no television ads.  They are working on getting credit card scanners at the park this year for Rally and will start in Products.  Heartland STEAM is in Sioux City the weekend of April 7th, 8th and 9th.  It’s being hosted by ABATE of Iowa and they are asking each district to contribute to a wagon that will be raffled that weekend.  D.L. Peterson made the motion for Melissa to purchase what she thought appropriate to contribute, Becca Williams seconded, motion carried with Jess Tepner abstaining.  Turk Willey reported not much was going on at the park, but requested that the ticket price be raised $5 this year with the additional money to be split among PAC, Riders’ Ed and an equipment fund for the park.  Jim Wilcock is working with the AMA in Algona and wants a flat track race to be held the same weekend as Rally at the Kossuth County Fairgrounds.  Melissa reported that she took to the board a proposal that was approved to allow the Combat Vets Association to use the park the last weekend in July for their gathering.  Rally headliners and additional events were announced to the district.

Melissa reported that D10 will be doing their Two Wheel Trauma in conjunction with D8 and will be splitting the cost with them.  The TWT is scheduled for July 8th at the Emmetsburg campus of Iowa Lakes Community College.  She also reported that the WalMart grant will be applied for again this year in February.

Old Business – Jess Tepner reported that they are still trying to get pricing for the slip and slide up at the park.

New Business – District was thanked in person for a memorial stone.

Announcements – Jean stated that there was a thank you card to be signed for one of the donors to our Toy Run.
Melissa reminded the district that she has raffle tickets and extra events cards if anyone wants them.

Harlan Thompson made the motion to adjourn, Brian Morey seconded.  Motion carried with Jeremy Hauck abstaining.

Melissa thanked everyone for coming and the Red Lantern for hosting.

Submitted by
Sally Marquart, D-10 Secretary