District 10’s meeting was called to order by Coordinator Melissa Morey on January 25th, 2020

at The Red Lantern in Bode, IA. This meeting was rescheduled after a snow storm prohibited

us from meeting on the 18th of January. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of

silence was held for our lost brothers and sisters. Melissa read our Mission Statement and all

guests were welcomed. Special guest Dannielle was recognized. Roll call of officers was taken

with Melissa Morey, Nate Evans, Greg Marquart, Jean Culver, Sally Marquart, Theresa

Benjamin, Rhonda Dicus, D.L. Peterson, Darryl Culver, Chris Mowery, and Dan Dicus present.

Excused officers were Doug Smith, Amanda Martens, Nikki Summers, Melissa Honeyman, and

Nick Martens.

Secretary Jean Culver read the minutes of the December meeting. Mel Evans made a motion to

accept the minutes and Joe Raemakers 2nd it. Motion carried.

Treasurer Sally Marquart reported on the General Fund, Downed Biker, and Toy Run Funds.

D.L made a motion to approve and Rhonda S 2nd it. Motion carried.

Legislative: Doug was absent, but Melissa announced that Iowa DOT Director, Mark Lowe has

resigned and Stuart Anderson is filling in as an interim. Lobby Day is February 12th. Melissa

STRONGLY encouraged anyone that can attend Lobby Day to do so. Melissa informed us that

a Lobbyist was hired to push a helmet law. All members are encouraged to get to Lobby Days.

The D.C. trip is scheduled for March 2nd thru the 7th; let Melissa know if you’d like to go.

Membership: Theresa reported that we have 35 members and 2 guests present. ABATE bucks

were passed out and supporting businesses were discussed.

Events: Melissa mentioned our pool tournament tonight and reminded us of our dinner run on

Feb. 1st at The Country Inn in Swea City. Our next meeting will be Feb. 15th at Rails in Eagle

Grove with a Chili Feed and Auction to be held that night. Melissa reminded us to gather our

auction items for that evening. Our plaques are not done for the tournaments, due to some

lazer issues, but Lee is working very hard to fix the issue.

PAC: Rhonda thanked Cheryl for filling in for her last month and thanked the membership for

their donations.

Share the Road: Melissa reported for that 28 people saw the STR Program at the Fort Dodge

Senior High School.

Assistant Coordinators: Nate thanked all for attending tonight. Greg reiterated the importance

of Lobby Day.

Old Business: None

New Business: Mel Evans brought up an idea for our tournaments to pay the winners cash

instead of giving them plaques. A discussion was held and a motion made by Melissa Evans to

pay a cash prize with minimum payouts set for 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place. Any money

raised after the payout will be voted on by the district as to where it should go. Cheryl 2nd.

Motion carried. Our district is working on the 2-Wheel trauma to be held in May. Melissa has

forms to give out to anyone that would like to attend the class. Joe Raemakers asked about a

district 10 t-shirt. A discussion was held about designing and pricing a District 10 t-shirt. Greg

will design something for a new shirt and bring it to the next meeting.

Melissa reported on the state meeting with key points as follows: Mark Loots is doing a great

job as the new State Treasurer. A budget has been pre-approved for Rider’s Ed for new

motorcycles and some wifi technical equipment. STR has been presented to just under 14,000

people. There are no major park improvement projects on the agenda. Rally posters are ready.

The Rally still needs a clean-up crew. Still looking for a district or individuals to step up to do car

parking. If position is still vacant close to Rally, Districts may be appointed to run car parking.

Melissa asks that if anyone needs to contact our state Office Manager to please do so during

office hours, and she explained why.. Mower leases were checked into and considered not

practical. Greg is working on making the Freeway Flyer available as an email. Everyone will

have a choice to receive it as an email or receive a paper copy. BACA has asked to use the

park during Memorial Weekend. It was decided that the Memorial Weekend would not work well

with our schedule to work at the park prior to Rally. Dist. 10’s request for a permanent shelter

was approved. The ducks motion died due to a lack of a 2nd. Absentee ballots are not allowed

for elections. Camper spots for the Rally are still available, but get your applications in ASAP.

Announcements: Danielle (Doug Terwilliger’s daughter) and her family, would like to honor her

late father at tonight’s pool tournament by providing a “winner of the loser’s bracket” basket with

some unique items to memorialize her father. She explained the items and the meaning of

them. So, Doug Terwillger was there at the pool tournament, after all, and cheered on the


Announcements: Melissa has advanced Rally tickets and Rider’s Ed 50/50 Tickets for sale.

Thank you, Paul S., for making the pork loin for tonight and The Red Lantern for hosting our


Harlan made a motion to adjourn. 2nd by Brian. Dan Dicus abstained. Motion carried.

Submitted by Jean Culver, Secretary