February 2020 District 10 Meeting Minutes


District 10ís meeting was called to order by Coordinator Melissa Morey on February 15th, 2020 at The Rails Bar and Grill in Eagle Grove. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited, and a moment of silence was held for our lost brothers and sisters.Melissa read our Mission Statement and all guests were welcomed. The Roll call of officers was taken with Melissa Morey, Nate Evans, Greg Marquart, Jean Culver, Sally Marquart, Doug Smith, Theresa Benjamin, Amanda Martens, Rhonda Dicus, D.L. Peterson, Darryl Culver Chris Mowery, Dan Dicus, and Nick Martens present.Excused officers were Nikki Summer.Unexcused officer was Melissa Honeyman.

Secretary:Jean read the minutes of the January meeting.Michelle Thompson made a motion to accept and 2nd by Darryl Culver.Motion carried.

Treasurer: Sally went over the general fund, downed biker and toy run accounts.Announced that she had District calendars for sale.Melissa M informed us of a donation to the Toy Run from the Red Lantern after our pool tournament.Darryl Culver made a motion to accept Bud Ferguson 2nding.Motion carried unopposed.

Legislative:Doug reported on Lobby Days that was held at our state capitol on Feb. 12th.He reported on the talking points aboutHF 2233 Helmets for operator/passengers/minors, HF2183 Insurance Verification/Plate Readers, HF2003 requiring the use of safety belts or safety harnesses by all passengers of motor vehicles, SF2090 Relating to lamps required for the operation of bicycles, and HF2037 Relating to lamps and clothing required for the operation of bicycles. He also reported that our district had a good showing.

Membership:Theresa reported that 43 members were present, and 11 guests were in attendance.She went over the expiring businesses.

Events:Amanda reminded us of our Dinner Run on March 7th at A & W in Emmetsburg at 5pm and the March district meeting and dart tournament will be held at The Handlebar Restaurant and Bar in LuVerne at 5pm.

Share the Road: D.L. reported on the upcoming presentations set for March 16th at the Eagle Grove Middle School at 5:30pm and one in Manson on March 28th at 7am.

PR: no reports

PAC:Rhonda thanked everyone for their donations.

Assistant Coordinator:Nate thanked everyone for coming and encouraged everyone to partake in the Chili Feed.Greg thanked everyone for attending the Lobby Days, reported that he totally forgot about the t-shirt design, so he will have something next month.Melissa said she would like to price t-shirts from a couple of places, one in Fort Dodge and one from our D-10 member.

Coordinator:Melissa encouraged us to start thinking about our raffle and prizes for the raffle for our Toy Run held in September.

Old Business:Phil McCormick has some Jeff McCubbin memorial patches with him if anyone would like to purchase one.

New Business:Rally tickets and 50/50 Riderís Ed tickets are available.

Announcements:Sheila thanked the district for the stone that was sent in memory of her father.Melissa thanked everyone for the donations of auction items and the food that was donated for our Chili Feed.Melissa thanked Rails for hosting our meeting and Chili Feed.Jess Tepner made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Darryl Culver.Motion carried with Brian Morey opposing and Joe DeBoer and Dan Dicus abstaining.

Submitted by Jean Culver, Secretary