District 10’s Meeting was called to order by Coordinator Melissa Morey on December 19th at the Junkyard in Barnum.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited; we had a moment of silence to honor our lost brothers and sisters. Melissa read our mission Statement. Roll call of officers was taken with Amanda Charlet and Tammy McCellan being excused and all other officers present.

Secretary - Melissa Evans read the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Cheryl Peterson made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Barb Loots 2nd, with Brian Morey, and Joe DeBoer abstaining, and the motion carried.

Treasurer - Sheila Evans reported the following checks had been written from the general fund; Doug Smith for a coat and Lights at Kennedy, McCubbin Trophies for officer Badges, Melissa Morey for the buns from the picnic, steam auction Items, and Rooms from STEAM.  Interest was earned and Balance was discussed. Down Biker fund had no activity. The Toy run had an ATM charge.  Toys were purchased and interest was earned. Joe Ramaeker made a motion to accept, Rhonda Summers 2nd, and the motion carried.

Membership - Jean Culver went over expiring businesses and reported that we had 68 members’ present, and 6 guests.

LegislativeGreg Marquart stated that the State Leg meeting was held last Sunday, December 13th. There was talk about the PAC Committee needing members and if anyone is interested on being on that committee is asked to be at the January State Leg Meeting. DL noted that you must be a member of the Leg Committee to be part of the PAC Committee. HR22, FAST, has passed by both the House and the Senate with the president’s signature this bill will hold the Motorcycle Checkpoints at bay for 5 years and will also fund Motorcycle Education. The Leg Committee is asking for help with the ROW Communication, which is a law that imposes stricter penalties for motorists that injure or kill motorcyclists. The Committee needs your help with getting that law put in the hands of Law Enforcement in Iowa. If you want to help, please see Greg for more information. Caucus Planks were discussed and the committee reviewed the 2012 planks as they did not receive any new plank ideas from the members. As a reminder Lobby Day is Thursday, February 11th from 7:00-9:00am at the State Capital in Des Moines. You are encouraged to preregister online at their website, It is up and running.  After you preregister, you will get a full schedule of events.

EventsD.L. Peterson Upcoming Events

·         January 9th – Diner Run @ Maid Rite In Webster City: 5PM

·         January 16th – Meeting and Pool Tournament @ The Red Lantern In Bode: 5PM

Share The Road - Dean Summers reported the following.

·         February 19th Fort Dodge Senior High Starting at 8am


Public Relations – Read by Melissa Morey – Auction items still needed for Chili Feed.

Webmaster - D.L. Peterson reported that the website is up to date.

PACRhonda Dicus thanked everyone for the PAC donations.

Assistant Coordinator – Doug Smith reminded all that this is the last weekend for the showing of lights at Kennedy and don’t forget to vote for # 6.  Theresa Benjamin - Wanted to wish all a Merry Christmas.

Coordinator - Melissa Morey Stated that Rob Strover at the State Office resigned from inventory officer. They are looking for a new member to fill the voluntary position. Please see Melissa if you are interested. It was discussed that at the next BOD meeting the topic of making this position a paid position should be discussed.


Mayor of Eagle Grove would like us to host a Two Wheel Trauma event in their area.  Jean Hoover made a motion to get more information on this as many members were interested in the event. Theresa Willey 2nd with Slider abstaining and the motion carried.


Old Business – Revisited the mass text list some were still not receiving the text.


New Business  - John Deere toys are available each year they will hold toys back for us if we would like to purchase them each year for our toy run.  Brian Morey made a motion to do so each year Darryl Culver 2nd and the motion carried.



Announcement –Teresa Schilmoeller would like to thank everyone for the cards.


Each Dollar General is required to donate old toy inventory to an organization every year.  If you have one in your area please go see them about donating to ABATE District 10’s Toy Run.


Melissa would like to remind everyone that raffle tickets are available.


Pat made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Rhonda, with Doug Smith, Robert Pingle, and Joe DeBoer abstaining, the motion carried.


Melissa thanked the Junkyard for hosting our meeting and the membership for attending, and for all to have a Merry Christmas.


Submitted by

Melissa Evans, D-10 Secretary