District 10’s Meeting was called to order by Coordinator Melissa Morey on April 16th at Handle Bar in LuVerne, IA.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited; we had a moment of silence to honor our lost brothers and sisters. Melissa read our mission Statement. Roll call of officers was taken, with Tammy McClellan excused, all other officers present.

Secretary - Melissa Evans read the minutes from last month’s meeting.  Becky made a motion to accept, Teresa 2nd, with 2nd bitch abstaining, and the motion carried.

Treasurer - Sheila Evans reported the following from general fund; ABATE for taxes, and inventory and there was interest earned. The balance was discussed.  Down Biker fund had no change. Toy Run Fund had a deposit from Walmart grant money, which was then used to purchase toys.  Steve made a motion to accept, Cheryl 2nd, Joe opposed and 2nd bitch abstaining, and the motion carried.

Membership - Jean Culver reported that we had 73 members’ present, and Deanna Evans as a guests. Expiring Businesses were discussed.

LegislativeGreg Marquart Reported on the Bills and Issues discussed at the leg meeting. Auto Cycle bill has passed to the governor, May 20th will be the Motorcycle safety form, we need as many members to attend as possible, please see Greg for more information on the form as well as any bills.  Greg informed us that Denny Danks has resigned and DL has asked to appoint Megan Eimers.

EventsD.L. Peterson Dart tournament to follow. Upcoming Events

·         May 20th Motorcycle Safety Form

·         May 21st Trash pick-up @ 1pm Ampride Humboldt

·         May 21st Bike Show 3-4pm Amigo’s Fort Dodge

·         May 21st Meeting 5pm Amigo’s Fort Dodge

·         June 11th Fun Rain Run, Sign up 11-1 Sitting Bull in Humboldt, ends @ Freedom Park with burgers and a camp out for those that want to stay. 

Share The Road - Dean Summers reported the following.

·         Saturday April 23rd Emmetsburg High School 9am

·         Friday April 29th Fort Dodge High School 8am

·         Saturday April 30th Clarion High School 8am

·         Monday June 6th West Bend High School 7am

·         Monday June 6th Humboldt High School 9am

·         Thursday June 9th Storm Lake High School 2pm

·         Friday June 10th Cherokee High School 9am

·         Tuesday June 14th Webster City ICCC Campus 9am

·         Thursday June 16th Gowrie High School 8am

·         Thursday June 16th Dayton School 9:30am

·         Friday June 17th Fort Dodge St. Ed’s 8am


Help is still needed.


Public Relations Amanda Charlet nothing to report

Webmaster - D.L. Peterson reported that the website will be up to date by the end of the weekend.

PACRhonda Dicus thanked everyone for the PAC donations. Also thanked Cheryl for filling in for her last meeting.

Assistant Coordinator – Doug Smith Thanked everyone that helped pick up and drop off the toys purchased from Walmart also thanked everyone that helped at the barber shop quartet as well as any that attended Pee Wee’s benefit.

Assistant Coordinator - Theresa Benjamin – Has been asked if we are willing to donate to Rally for Veteran’s. Mary made a motion to pass the hat, Cheryl 2nd, 2nd Bitch abstaining, motion carried and the hat was passed. 

Coordinator - Melissa Morey Log splitter - we are about half way there with a motion for ABATE to cover the rest if not all money is raised.

Two Wheel Trauma - we are waiting on Eagle Grove to get back to us on the date confirmation.

Rider Ed Classes – Please email or call Melissa if interested or get a hold of Theresa we are looking at doing a few different classes as a district, remember district 10 members will get a discount for this class and remember all classes will get you certified so you can take your certification to a licensing station and receive your motorcycle endorsement.

Facebook – if you would like to post on the Facebook page please run it by Melissa, Doug or Theresa thank you.


Old Business – No Old Business


New Business – No new Business


Announcement – Melissa and Doug have Raffle tickets and advance Rally tickets. The bike blessing will be done at our next meeting/bike show at Amigo’s.

The painting of the Freedom Rock has begun.

Crazy Bob is looking for help in his tent at the Rally.

Joe Ramaekers is new products officer. 


Steve made a motion to adjourn, Rhonda 2nd, with Joe, Phil, and 2nd Bitch abstaining, the motion carried.


Melissa thanked the Handle Bar for hosting our meeting and the membership for attending.


Submitted by

Melissa Evans, D-10 Secretary