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HF 2042

 A bill for an act relating to the possession of a pistol, revolver, or ammunition by persons under fourteen years of age, and including effective date provisions.

 H.F. 2042 parent, guardian, or spouse, or an instructor 21 years of age 1 or older with the consent of the parent, guardian, or spouse, 2 to permit a person below 14 years of age to possess a pistol or 3 revolver or the ammunition therefor, which may then be lawfully 4 used. 5 The bill takes effect upon enactment.


HF 2043

 A bill for an act relating to possessing and transferring firearm suppressors, providing penalties, and including effective date provisions.


This bill relates to the possession and transferring of 20 firearm suppressors. 21 FIREARM SUPPRESSORS. Current Iowa law provides that a 22 mechanical device specifically constructed and designed so that 23 when attached to a firearm it silences, muffles, or suppresses 24 the sound when fired is an offensive weapon. Under Code 25 section 724.3, any person who knowingly possesses an offensive 26 weapon commits a class “D” felony, punishable by confinement 27 for no more than five years and a fine of at least $750 but not 28 more than $7,500. 29 The bill strikes a provision in Code section 724.1(1)(h) 30 that classifies a firearm suppressor as an offensive weapon. 31 By striking this provision, a firearm suppressor is legal to 32 possess in the state. 33 The bill also creates in new Code section 724.1A, a process 34 whereby a person may apply to the chief law enforcement officer


HF 2044


A bill for an act relating to the regulation of firearms and ammunition in a state of public emergency and providing a remedy.


 This bill relates to the regulation of firearms and 14 ammunition in a state of public emergency. 15 The bill provides that Code chapter 29C, relating to a public 16 disorder or disaster emergency proclamation by the governor, 17 shall not be construed to authorize the governor or any other 18 official of this state or any of its political subdivisions 19 acting at the direction of the governor or other official to 20 prohibit, regulate, or curtail the otherwise lawful possession, 21 carrying, transportation, transfer, or defensive use of 22 firearms or ammunition; to suspend or revoke a permit to carry 23 or acquire, except as otherwise authorized under Code sections 24 724.6 (professional permit to carry), 724.7 (nonprofessional 25 permit to carry), and 724.15 (permit to acquire); or to seize 26 or confiscate firearms or ammunition possessed in accordance 27 with state law. 28 The bill does not prohibit the temporary closure or 29 limitations on the operating hours of businesses that sell 30 firearms or ammunition if the same operating restrictions 31 apply to all businesses in the affected area or the adoption 32 or enforcement of regulations pertaining to firearms used or 33 carried for official purposes by law enforcement officers or 34 persons acting under the authority of emergency management


HF 2066


A bill for an act relating to carrying a firearm while operating or riding on a snowmobile or an all-terrain vehicle.


to allow a person to operate or ride on a snowmobile or an 1 all-terrain vehicle with a loaded firearm, whether concealed or 2 not, if the person has in the person’s possession and displays 3 to a peace officer on demand a valid permit to carry weapons 4 which has been issued to the person, and the person’s conduct 5 is within the limits of that permit. 6 Current law provides that a person shall not operate or ride 7 on a snowmobile or an all-terrain vehicle with a firearm in the 8 person’s possession unless it is unloaded and enclosed in a 9 carrying case. However, a nonambulatory person may carry an 10 uncased and unloaded firearm while operating or riding on a 11 snowmobile or an all-terrain vehicle. 12 A person who violates Code section 321G.13(2) or 321I.14(2) 13 commits a simple misdemeanor punishable as a scheduled fine in 14 the amount of $100 pursuant to Code section 805.8B(2)(b)(3) or 15 (2A)(b)(3), as applicable.